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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Smetannik - Russian Sour Cream Cake

Attempt to recreate an old grandma's recipe

Taste 5 (out of 5)

Difficulty 4 (out of 5)
- 3 cups flour (1350 cal)
- 1 cup/ 230 g sour cream (480 cal)
- 2/3 cups sugar (1660 cal)
- 1/4 tsp baking powder
- 1/4 tsp salt
For the cream
- 1 cup/ 230 g sour cream (480 cal)
- 2/3 cups sugar (1660 cal)
Total 5630 cal, 9 servings 625 cal/serving

1. Mix all the ingredients and divide in 4 equal parts.
2. Shape 4 balls with your hands. Roll out into rounds and cut based on the size of a large plate.
3. Bake each layer separately for 12 minutes at 450F.
4. Cover each chilled layer with cream and stack on top each other.
5. Let the ready cake rest in the refrigerator at least overnight, possibly longer - it only gets better with age.

- I rolled the layers out too thin, so I ended up with 5. As a result they were too crispy, began to puff up like pitas in places, and did not absorb the cream as expected. I believe that if I stick to the plan of 4 layers next time, the results will be better.
- Taste-wise, an amazing cake, just the right combination of sweetness and a tartness. I will be making more of them.
- Might try no-fat sour cream, though, to make it a bit less scary...625 calories...

A Russian Sour Cream Cake - Smetannik on Foodista


Joy said...

You know I have never really had the opportunity to try "russian" cuisine -- is this a well known cake there? I am interested in trying this sometime, it looks great!

Cooking Rookie said...

Hi Joy,
I don’t think this is the most representative Russian cake, but Russians like layered cakes and they also use a lot of sour cream :). If you search for “smetannik” (the sour cream cake), you’ll find several variations, and I like this one with harder dough – the texture is very nice when it absorbs the cream.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and let me know if you end up trying this recipe!