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Monday, December 5, 2011

Garlic Chives Pesto

When you have garlic chives, don’t have time and still want a yummy dinner.
Source: Everyday Mom blog

Difficulty: 1 (out of 5)

Taste: 5 (out of 5)

• 10 (approximately) garlic chives (or garlic scapes), roughly chopped (10 cal)
• 1/4 cup walnuts, lightly roasted (170 cal)
• 1/2 cup olive oil (960 cal)
• 1/4 cup grated Parmigiano cheese (80 cal)
Total: 1 cup of pesto, 4 servings, 1220 calories, 305 cal / serving

1. In a food processor combine garlic chives and walnuts. Blend until smooth and combined.
2. With the processor still running slowly add the olive oil forming a paste.
3. Scoop pesto into mixing bowl, gently mix in cheese.
4. Serve with your favorite pasta, adding a little pasta water to help coat the pasta, as the pesto is a little thick. Chicken or mushrooms go great with this pesto.

• This was my November Secret Recipe Club assignment. My Secret Blog was Everyday Mom, a great site with lots of delicious and simple recipes, that I’ve been following for a while now. And since this month is very busy for me, I chose a really simple recipe, which turned out super-delicious! Thanks, Kim :-).
• The original recipe calls for garlic scapes, the garlic equivalent of green onions. I have only seen those in farmers’ markets during the summer months, and now it’s late autumn. But I recently discovered garlic chives that are sold in our local Asian grocery stores, and I suspect taste quite similar. So that’s what I used.
• I froze half of the pesto and plan to use it as a pizza topping... What will that taste like? That is still a mystery, to keep the future full of good surprises ;-)


Lesa @Edesia's Notebook said...

Wow, I have never heard of garlic chives before. I will have to go look for them!

Cookaholic Wife said...

I've never heard of garlic chives either. Now I need to go hunt some down. :)

Judee @ Gluten Free A-Z said...

Very interesting! New to me but looks really good. Great choice for SRC

Lisa said...

I've never heard of garlic chives either but I've no doubt this must have been delicious.

Astrid said...

lovely pick! I bet the pasta was delicious!

Magic of Spice said...

What a lovely pesto! I need to get some garlic chives and love the idea of the walnuts being roasted...lovely!

Angie - Big Bears Wife said...

beautiful pasta dish!

Biren @ Roti n Rice said...

This pasta dish would be perfect for busy weeknights! I like the combination of garlic chives and walnuts.

Feast on the Cheap said...

This sounds soooo good, especially for a 1 out of 5 on the difficulty scale!

admin said...

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