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Friday, May 6, 2011

Spinach Ricotta Roll

It’s healthy, delicious and fits any occasion.
Adapted from Eva Toneva’s beautiful blog

5 (out of 5)

Difficulty 2 (out of 5)


For spinach roll (780 cal)
- 400 g fresh or frozen thawed spinach (90 cal)
- 5 eggs (350 cal)
- 50 g cream cheese (175 cal)
- 3 tbsp flour (165 cal)
- pinch of baking powder
- salt to taste
For ricotta filling (420 cal)
- 150 g ricotta or farmers’ cheese (205 cal)
- 3 cloves garlic (15 cal)
- 2 tbsp sour cream (100 cal)
- salt and thyme to taste
- 3 tbsp sun dried tomatoes (100 cal)
For topping
- 50 g grated Parmesan (200 cal)
Total 4 servings, 1400 cal, 350 cal / serving

For spinach roll
1. Preheat oven to 350F.
2. Cook spinach in boiling water for 2 minutes, then immediately dip in a bowl with cold water and ice cube to stop the cooking process. Drain and chop the spinach.
3. In a large bowl beat eggs. Add cream cheese, salt, baking powder and flour. Mix well, so there are no lumps and add the spinach.
4. Pour the batter into a 9 x 13 inches parchment lined baking tray. Level the batter and bake for 10-12 minutes.
For ricotta filling
5. Mix ricotta (or farmers’) cheese with crushed garlic and sour cream, and season with salt and thyme to taste.
For assembly
6. When the spinach has baked and cooled down, place a piece of parchment paper on your work surface and sprinkle with thoroughly with shredded Parmesan.
7. Invert the baking tray, release the spinach onto Parmesan and peel of the baking paper that lined the baking sheet.
8. Spread the filling evenly, leaving about 1 inch on the sides uncovered. Distribute the sundried tomatoes over the cheese.
9. Using the parchment paper roll the spinach to wrap the cheese and chill in refrigerator.
10. Can be served cold or can be warmed up in microwave or oven.

Tastes wonderful, healthy and so-so pretty, especially on Eva’s original photograph. I was completely obsessed with this dish ever since I saw that photo, and it took me a couple of weeks to translate the recipe and get all the ingredients. I am so happy I did :-).


Sarah said...

Dreamy! I love the combination of spinach and ricotta and how beautiful is that roll?!

Eva Toneva said...

Roll looks great, and I know that is very tasty! Thank you for your trust! Cheers

Jill Colonna said...

Wow! That IS so pretty and love how it's also so light. This is a real jaw-dropper at a dinner party! Beautiful.

Jocie's Mom said...

Oooh! That look so pretty! I imagine it tastes incredible as well. Thanks SO much for sharing and doing the translation leg work :)

Jocie's Mom said...

Oooh! That look so pretty! I imagine it tastes incredible as well. Thanks SO much for sharing and doing the translation leg work :)

Jocie's Mom said...

Oooh! That look so pretty! I imagine it tastes incredible as well. Thanks SO much for sharing and doing the translation leg work :)

Lynn @ I'll Have What She's Having said...

This looks amazing! The spinach and cheese sound like a great combination.

Angie's Recipes said...

This looks incredibly delicious and healthy!

Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets said...

Wow this looks so beautiful and delicious -- I adore spinach to the point that my bf complains I add it too much to our food. By the way, your tiramisu macs are such a great idea and look perfect!

birdie to be said...

This looks so good! I am so glad I found a way to love spinach as I got older... I would still be missing out on so many good eats! :)

Liz That Skinny Chick Can Bake said...

Oh, my! This is simply gorgeous! I can see an elegant slice at a dinner party...nicely done~

Alison @ Ingredients, Inc. said...

omg yum! Looks great

Maris (In Good Taste) said...

This is so beautiful! Looks so delicious too!

Torviewtoronto said...

delicious looking roll wonderful

Connie said...

I'm a vegetarian, but I hate spinach. Weird, huh :) If I liked spinach this would be awesome!


Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

This is amazing! I think it's not so easy to roll something and you did a great job! Looks delicious. :-)

Taste and Tell said...

How gorgeous!!

megi said...

This looks gorgeous! So beautifully presented, I am now obsessed with it and will have to make it soon.

Nancy said...

Another great recipe, I love the way it looks. I can imagine how delicious it tasted.

Barbara Bakes said...

Such a pretty dish. Can't help wanting to grab a cracker and dig in.

Lisa Ho said...

Give me ricotta and spinach anytime... love the combination. Your roll looks excellent :D

Biren @ Roti n Rice said...

That's a lovely roll! I am sure it is as delicious as it looks.

thecoffeebreak said...

Very interesting recipe!Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, YUM! This sounds fantastic and looks gorgeous. Great presentation. :)

Magic of Spice said...

That looks fantastic! Love anything ricotta, just delicious :)

Alina said...

I'm a big fan of Eva Toneva's blog! Her photography is flawless. Your photo of the roll is beautiful too - I can imagine how messy my roll would have been if I made one :D I'm terrible at such things that require patience and concentration :)

Monica said...

This would look even more beautiful with a rich red Marinara sauce. I am going to try this one today! Great picture.

Lillian (My Recipe Journey) said...

I love the looks of this one! Very cool recipe! I'll have to try it! Very unique!

shani said...

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